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Been jamming at a coffee shop in Ottawa over the last several months. It's a lot of fun. Met another musician there who will be taking turns with me.

We'd like to see if anyone wants the fun/experience of playing in front of small groups.

I just play lead over blues, Gilmour and jazz backing tracks. The other guy plays acoustic and sings.

We're trying to build up the venue as a bit of a music scene. It's called Beachconers (it's an ice cream place too with a large outdoor patio which could be a venue someday also).

Anyone interested can reach out to me and we'll fit you into the schedule. It's weekends only. Generally from 13:00 to 15:00 or so. All the coffee and lattes you can drink are payment. Pastries are free to us too and they are homemade. Parking is free.
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