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Got this one today. American Standard in cognac burst which is appropriate because I won't be buying anymore cognac until this joker is paid for so I guess that puts me on the wagon.

Blackstar Fly 3 amp works surprisingly good for what it is and nice for sitting on the couch.

Intonation on the guitar seems alright for open strings but the G string goes very sharp when you play an open A chord and the open D chord can be a bit off as well. Part of it might be to do with the frets which are fatter than I remember them on older Teles. I play mostly acoustic I am probably pressing too hard - can hear it go sharp when I press down. Nut width is same as my HD28V but spacing on the Fender is about 1.5 mm narrower than the Martin.

Changed out the 9s for 10s soon as I got home which helped because I could barely feel the lighter gauge strings that came on it.

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