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W/D/W made easy, by Komet

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The AmbiKab, from Komet amps (shown at NAMM), a cabinet that has internal passive dry speakers (2X12) and powered wet speakers (2X8) in one box. Just connect your effects and wash yourself away.

I haven't seen any pics but here's the blurb:

Komet AmbiKab Lets You Add Guitar Spatial Effects Without Sacrificing Tone

Baton Rouge, Louisiana—January 2017… Komet™ Amplification announced its new AmbiKab stereo effects-amplification guitar cabinet, which enables the addition of ambient guitar effects while maintaining the tone of a guitar amplifier.
Often, when time-based effects such as reverb or delay are applied before distortion, the sound becomes “washed out” and indistinct. Many amplifiers employ an onboard effects loop for this, but this design only works if the amplifier’s output stage does not contribute to the overall tone. Effects loops don’t work well with many classic vintage amplifiers, which don’t have a master volume and employ output-stage distortion to attain greater responsiveness and a rich sound.

With Komet’s AmbiKab, you get a traditional wet/dry/wet rig, all in one cabinet, that does not require additional speaker cabinets, external amplifiers, mixers, and cables. Your guitar amplifier’s speaker output is connected directly to the AmbiKab’s two Celestion 12-inch speakers, where the signal is split. The signal is then routed to a line-level output that patches to your effects input. An Effects Send Level control enables the AmbiKab to accommodate a variety of effects, from floor pedals to studio-quality rack units.

The 100% processed (wet) output signal from your effects is returned, in mono or stereo, to the AmbiKab’s 180 watt, Class D, stereo power amplifier, which drives a dedicated pair of eight-inch Celestion speakers. An Effects Volume control for the internal stereo amplifier governs the proportion of wet signal that is being added to the overall cabinet mix, providing natural guitar tone andd stereo ambient effects.

By applying effects after the amplifier’s distortion, the AmbiKab utilizes the natural tone of your guitar amp to feed your digital or analog delay or reverb, much as you would do at mixdown in a recording studio. Since the guitar amplifier is connected directly to the AmbiKab’s internal 12-inch speakers, it reacts to the player in a natural, musical way, as intended by the amplifier’s designer. In addition, the ratio between wet and dry signals stays constant, so as the guitarist rolls down the volume to clean up the amplifier’s sound, or varies picking dynamics, the effects signal does not change in proportion to the amplifier’s output signal. This solves an issue encountered with guitar amplifiers that have built-in reverb, where if you set your reverb level for your lead sound, the reverb disappears when you roll down your volume for rhythm, and vice versa.

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Found a pic of one ........... with some guy named Devin sitting in front of it.

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Interesting idea for sure. I suspect it will be expensive.
Interesting idea for sure. I suspect it will be expensive.
Yes, I've heard estimates of $2K US (more with the optional attenuator). But Komet stuff is pretty expensive (it has Ken Fischer Trainwreck lineage). Some are saying that if you consider the price of a Komet 412, this isn't that much out of line.

Personally, I would love a Komet amp but they are way up there, price-wise. I have a hard time justifying 5k for a 1 channel amp (it's just 50 year old circuits and components, done with great precision and care). I'd rather spend that money on new tech that (arguably) sounds just as good but does a lot more. And I can do the ambi-cab thing with two cabs and my PS.
Yes, I've heard estimates of $2K US
Hell... that's just pocket change ! :confused:

Everyone should get one ! :rolleyes:

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