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Hey guys...

So, finally upgraded from that Crate GX15 amp I been using... and I was warned it was loud, and yup... Peavey Bandit 112 (Silverstripe) is a bit more than I need. Even low it's loud. Just too big/loud for my needs and I'd rather something simpler. Just playing for myself, no band or gigs or anything.

Decided to go back to my original choice before I got power carried away... a Vox modelling amp.

Any feedback about the VT/X series?

20 watts is more than enough for me, but, the VT40X has the 10" speaker instead of 8"... will there be that much difference in sound quality?

Is the VT/X series noticeable better than the VT/+? I understand that with the VT/X series they switched from software emulation to physical circuits to recreate the amps... supposedly better, not sure by how much.

Trying to find a store with them in stock to try, not much luck within the 2h radius. Long&McQuade has maybe 2 stores out of 30 with stock, and never seem to respond back to emails when I ask to confirm they are indeed there to test. I never seem to have much luck with L&M... I miss the independent shops.
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