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I thought I would mention this. I have been playing with a high quality amp and when I turn the volume down to room volumes, the amp can't do it. The pot is at it's limit. So today I sat a passive Dunlop volume pedal on top of the amp, a 6" cable to the input jack of the amp, and plugged my pedalboard into the volume pedal. This works amazingly well. I can crank my gain pedals and still have a super low room volume, unlike when I try to turn the amp down to that volume which it does not really do. This is different from where I would normally put a volume pedal, right after the guitar at the start of my chain. I am not noticing any tone suck issues like I used to with the passive volume at the start.

That's it. Volume pedal at the end of the chain for low volumes out of a louder amp.

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If you amp has a loop you can put it in there, works like a poor man's attenuator
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