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Volume and bass pot replacement

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i need to replace the volume (1Mohm) and Bass (250kOhm) pots on a 1985 Mesa Boogie Studio Series combo.

I've confirmed ratings based on available schematic and identified replacement part numbers.

Pulling the chassis is easy. Changing the pots looks like some simple soldering.

Am I missing something?

Note. Cleaning them with contact cleaner likely won't help. Pretty sure they need replacement as they each cut in and out as opposed to being scratchy.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions/comments.
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IME, some of Mesa's pots have custom tapers. Other tapers may change the way the controls interact. It may be worth the cost/effort to get parts from them. The manual usually has part numbers in the back for the different pots - at least the newer ones do. And their customer service is top notch.

Swapping pots is easy in most of their amps (don't buy into the PCB baloney). Flying leads, well made components, strong chassis'. The ones I've worked on have been very, very serviceable. Good luck with the project.
I would start at the contact cleaner. If it doesn't work, replace them. If it works but only for six months, replace them.
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