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I just set up an 8 1/2' X 8 1/2' music room in my house. I finally found a space for my albums as this room has 3 doorways (old 1882 farm house).One door I am blocking off eventually and the other exra doorway works fine as a temporary space for my milk crates of albums as they balance and stack nicely between the door jams.
Any way, these albums have been collecting dust for many years and now I am in the process of filing alphabetically (which is very subjective) and writing them down on a list.
I have some albums I have been given that are not my taste in music, but i am writing them down anyway.

Has anyone looked into selling their collection(s)? Obviously they are not all A-1. Do you off load the duplicates.Should I sit on them for a while?Albums date from late 60's & 70's with some early to mid eightys.
any advice would be appreciated.
Riff Wrath
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