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From Ramblin' Ambassadors Facebook page:

October 26 at 4:06 PM ·
Our dear friend Brent Cooper ([email protected]) had a couple very special vintage guitars stolen and would like to have them returned to him. He's not on Facebook.

The following two guitars were taken from a storage locker in Calgary, Alberta.

- 1952 Gibson ES-295. Serial # A12060.
All gold finish, except back of neck and headstock. Extensive playwear. Bigsby tailpiece, Gretsch “space control” bridge, black pick-up covers, Grover tuners, large frets, black graphite nut. One unoriginal speed knob. Small “made in USA” stamp on back of headstock retained some gold paint. The guitar was in a black case, yellow lining, broken handle, “CKRY Country Music” sticker on case. Leather strap with nickel buckle on guitar.


- 1960 Gretsch 6120. Serial #37602.
Original orange finish, “patent applied for” pickup covers, “V” bigsby, “double line” inlay on back of neck (uncommon for this model). Playwear on back of neck. Refretted and partially replaced binding on fretboard. New black “Gibson” branded case, red plush interior.

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