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I'd recommend either a Silverface Princeton Reverb, or if lack of reverb isn't a big issue, save money and get a Silverface Princeton. Either are the perfect amp for what you are looking for. Non-reverb Princeton's can be bought for great prices.

With Silverface Fenders, you can still get them cheaper then a lot of new re-issue amps, and they are way better made. In amps like the Princeton and Champ the circuits stayed identical to the Blackface amps well into the 70's too. So the only thing you aren't paying for is the crazy collectors value of a Blackface.

I got my Silverface 1968 Princeton Reverb for $600. A new Princeton Recording Amp is WAY more then that ($1000 USD). Deluxe Reverbs are more expensive, but for what you are describing I think a Princeton Reverb/Princeton would work great. They are twice the wattage of a Champ.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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