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From 2008 with V-Picks founder

Picks Interview
August 20, 2008 by Dan Kern 3 Comments

V Picks, the world
V-picks have taken the guitar pick market by storm. Who have thought that picks could be so….sexy? These translucent, stick-to-you-fingers, easy-to-hold-onto, fat and toneful picks come in all shapes in sizes. No matter what style of music you play, these picks can deliver big tone, even for acoustic! Having given these picks a test drive for a few weeks at rehearsal & gigs, we can say that these picks really do stick to your fingers. They cannot be dropped due to finger sweat. Just not gonna happen. The fatness of the picks was a welcomed by guitarists using Big Stubby, Adamas and other 2mm & fatter picks. The tone was there, and the translucent color really fit the times in the style of modern simplicity. But enough introduction already. Vinni Smith, founder of V Picks, was kind enough to spend some time talking about V-Picks with us pick disciples.

SSS: What inspired the V pick?

Vinni: There were a couple of inspirations and needs that got V-Picks started. As a young guitarist I was very heavy handed and could not get used to any guitar pick on the market. I think I tried them all. Even metal and stone picks. I did discover that the thicker the pick, the lighter handed I played, allowing me to be a better player. I also fell in love with two guitarist’s sound, Brian May from Queen and Ed King from Lynyrd Skynyrd. I did not know this back then but BHM played with a sixpence coin and EK played the solo on Sweet Home Alabama with a seashell. Both of these players had a unique pick sound in their style and sound. I wanted a unique sound of my own as well. I guess I was not too far off by making a guitar pick out of what we called “Plexiglass” back then. I had tried all kinds of materials with no positive results until I was walking thru a hardware store and found this piece of clear plastic and that was it! I was fascinated by plexiglass because I had an aquarium made out of this material and I loved my salt water aquarium. So, we just came together way back then in ’85. The material I now use is much different from that old stuff and has even better properties like, warmer tone, faster gliding action and the wonderful V-Pick “grippage”.

SSS: What are some of the advantages of your pick sizes & shapes, and are they generally suited to certain styles of music/guitar playing?

Vinni: Well, the rounded corners create a very fast action that has almost no resistance over the string. It is carefully calculated to give each stroke a longer, slower, “point of release”. This makes for a better mid-range. The material also comes into play for the warm tone. Yet it has wonderfull highs. Not the brittle highs that you reach for your amp to turn down. It is more singing type of high end. I think that is why Carlos likes and plays our Freakishly Large Rounded pick. The thicknesss not only helps with this sound but is also very easily held on to. Just try this little experimentation. Hold your thumb and index fingertips together lightly like you are holding a thin pick or a piece of paper for about 5 seconds. Now, put a small space between your thumb and fingertip, maybe 1/4″ apart. Now you tell me, which position feels better and more relaxed. The second one of course. This is the same principle designed into V-Picks. Relaxation of your thumb, wrist, fingers and this all transfers up into your arm, allowing you to be more relaxed and more agile and loose. This is really how it works.

SSS: And then we have the pointed picks. They have the same bevel and material and thickness, however the points are much more pronounced. This really digs into the strings. Lots of snap and bite and yet fast, fast, fast action.

Vinni: Really, I have artists of all styles playing both the pointed and rounded picks. I even have Jazz players playing the pick I call the Shredder. It is a perfect triangle shape. Looks like a Ninja star! I would not have guessed a Jazz player would even try one, but they do, and.......

Full article here
V Picks Interview | Some of the Best Guitar Picks
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