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Hello everyone!

My name is Loi and i am 23 years old. Next May, i am coming to Vancouver and studying Post-graduation of Marketing in Douglas college. As you know, i have a dream of studying abroad but paying for all the cost of this trip is really hard for me. So that, i am looking for any luthier have part-time job.
While i was studying in University in Viet Nam, there was a luthier in Viet Nam teaching me about building guitar and i followed him for a year. I know that international luthiers have great knowledge and professional skills so i just stop at understanding the process and guitar parts. I understand that luthier rules are different because they want to do all things to a guitar but I think i can help in assisting or any work that you need to save your time. I love guitar, especially guitar building so i need a job relating to guitar.

Thank you so much for reading my post. If you need or know any luthier can help me, please send me an email via: [email protected]

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