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Videos on YouTube

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Hey guys,

If you're interested, I just posted a few videos covering off some Don Ross tunes on YouTube. The songs are "The Is-Ought Controversy", "It's Fun Being Lucky" and "Annie and Martin". They're played on my first handbuilt guitar from the "Let's see your acoustics" thread.

I only did one take for the songs, recorded by a Web Cam and lapel mic on the missus' computer; so I apologize for the sound, video, and performance. :tongue:

Warren G.
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Reminder to self "don't post any of my stuff"

Fantastic :bow: :bow: :bow:
Thanks guys. I'm having a lot of fun doing this although I seem to get a fair bit of stage fright just sitting in front of the camera. Weird. The hockey game playing on the TV in the background seems to relax me a bit though.

I added a couple of more last night...
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