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Hey guys,

Looking to sell or trade my Victoria Chicagolux. I am the second owner and it is in excellent condition without any issues. A beautiful organic sounding amp that is faithfully recreated. $1950 plus shipping.
I have the original shipping box and all padding.

I would consider guitar trades and could add a little cash if needed or 5W amp trades but would like to trade down in that case. For guitars I am interested in Jackson USA, Fender American Original strats or jazzmasters etc. Charvel USA, 90s Les Paul Standards.
For amps I would look at the new fender 5 watt vibro champ, swart, tone king gremlin, supro etc. No heads.
Any questions please ask!

Specs below
Designed exclusively for Chicago Music Exchange. This amp is not available anywhere else!

The Chicagolux is our exact recreation of the classic 1959 "5F11" tweed Vibrolux style amp. The only modern elements are a standby switch, bias-measuring resistors, and adjustment pot. Like all Victorias, only the finest period-correct components are used including USA-made Allen Bradley resistors, custom USA-made Victoria capacitors, solid 22G pushback wire, USA-manufactured Triad-designed power and output transformers, USA-made Eminence 10" speaker and grown in the USA solid pine, hand-tinted cabinetry. The Chicagolux is a virtual trip back in time to one of the greatest small wattage amps ever made.

  • 14W
  • 3 inputs
  • Bias modulation tremolo
  • Fixed adjustable bias






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Sweet amp!...I have a Victoria VickyVerb and can attest to the build quality and rich tone of these amps. Damn, I wish I had room for this!

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I've owned a Victoria Victorilux w/ 6L6 tubes and a single 15" speaker for the last 15+ years. Easily the best amp I've owned, and top 2 or 3 I've played. If you want a vintage Fender style amp, a Victoria is probably a better choice than an actual vintage Fender.

I haven't plugged in my actual Fender amps in years, there is no need.


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