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Vancouver Guitar Finishing ?

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Does anyone know if the lights are still on at this place? Vancouver Guitar Finishing - Vancouver Guitar Finishing
I sent them a guitar for refinishing in December and the communication was great right up until the guitar arrived and i paid the invoice. Now i have sent several messages with no response.

I heard these guys do amazing work but I wish i had seen this thread below before i sent my guitar across the country. Sounds like a pattern:

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Ok bumping this one up for any intel anyone has. Still have not been able to get any response from these guys... but.. i happened to see this clip online for Prestige guitars
and seems the guy i sent my guitar to - Rob Bustos - is working at Prestige Guitars... I hope that doesn't mean he has abandoned the refinishing business :cautious:
Sorry to hear about that
If you paid with pay pal now would be a good time to start a dispute.
You are not the only one to send Rob money & guitars and not hear from him.
It seems like he is totally silent on all forms of communication right now.

It seems like he is totally silent on all forms of communication right now.
I expect that's because he ripped off a bunch of people. Just my humble opinion.
I know of someone else in the last couple years who had to struggle to get his guitar back from Rob. He eventually did after a few months. But I do believe Rob was going through some cancer treatment years ago, not sure if he still is.
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