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Van Halen to tour in the new year with....

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David Lee Roth.
I really don't know anything else about it except an old friend is now teching for Eddie. He told me on Friday that he was heading down to LA in the new year to start rehearsals for a new tour. I guess it could all fall apart before then. Given the volatile nature of EVH and DLR this could already be history.
So there you go all you EVH fans. Let the sharks assemble and the cynics start to muse on how lame/great this will be.

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Haha. What a friggen fiasco! These days it's so hard to tell when things are the truth or just blatant hype but either way, I don't think anyone should be holding their breath for a VH reunion.
rippinglickfest said:
I doubt if Eddie and David can sit in the same room for more than a few breaths with each other. I knew it was too good to be true..........over the years I think there's been too much mud slinging, especially by Roth.
Yeah. And now everyone else in the band but him is related. Just think about how every decision is made:

"Sorry Dave- that's three to one, so it looks like we win. Better luck next time, when it'll still be three to one."
Too bad they didn't film everything. I bet it would top even Some Kind of Monster as the best unintentionally hilarious rockumentary ever.
Just more fodder for my dream rockumentary. :tongue:
GuitarsCanada said:
I don't think it had much to do with DLR.
I'm sure it would've eventually. :tongue:
Doesn't look like this thread is going to end anytime soon either, Jeff, so you'd better close it. :tongue:
Jeff Flowerday said:
Since I need to explain myself to nine or suffer smart ass posts, I've added to my less than descriptive first post. :smile:
Sorry, I thought the tounge sticking out smiley would make it clear that I was just kidding around, Jeff.
1 - 7 of 60 Posts
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