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Van Halen to tour in the new year with....

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David Lee Roth.
I really don't know anything else about it except an old friend is now teching for Eddie. He told me on Friday that he was heading down to LA in the new year to start rehearsals for a new tour. I guess it could all fall apart before then. Given the volatile nature of EVH and DLR this could already be history.
So there you go all you EVH fans. Let the sharks assemble and the cynics start to muse on how lame/great this will be.

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VH None

I doubt if Eddie and David can sit in the same room for more than a few breaths with each other. I knew it was too good to be true..........over the years I think there's been too much mud slinging, especially by Roth.

I dont think he ever was good.............he's more of a charismatic type PERFORMER. His vocal chops are mediocre at best............and obviously degraded even more with that joke hillbilly Jump.
Some things are just better left in the past............. its like remarrying your ex wife after a nasty break up, and who the hell wants to do that.
New News

I just found out that the three party's.........Roth, VH and the promoter couldnt hammer out a deal for the 40 tour dates. Oh well

It shouldnt happen then? The namesakes of the band are not going to be there.
Beyond Comprehension really. Its not legit if they all cant stand together for two minutes.
1 - 4 of 60 Posts
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