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So here are a few pics of the mini acoustic that I picked up at the Spaceman sale yesterday:

Here’s a pic of the neck break. The fretboard was intact. Actually the guitar looks new otherwise, so perhaps it came out of the shipping box like this. Anyway, I paid $10 for it.

You can see there is a dowel in the crack to align the neck. I used a small paintbrush to coat the dowel with Titebond hide glue, then I worked it back and forth a little to get it in the ‘hole’. Next I squeezed a very generous amount of same glue throughout the crack/separation and worked it a little, clamped it rock solid, and wiped up the excess.

Today, I used some brown crayon to trace around the crack lines and darken any little areas where un-stained wood was showing.

And now I’ve tuned it up and played it a little. It’s rock solid now, maybe a little ugly though. It should be a perfect guitar for the park, guest bathroom, kids to play with, or for sitting by the pool.

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