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V-cut guitars

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omfg i want one SOOOOO badly Drool Drool Drool ..... i already have an amp, can someone tell me where i can get one for a reasonable price? the prices for all that i've seen are like sky-high. i live in Ontario btw
thx in advance:food-smiley-004:
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You can get a cheap Jay Turser Flying V @ Songbird in Toronto for $275 (I've played this model, feels pretty good... pickups need to be changed though and it looks real nice... red with gold hardware and a white pickguard) and another one (RR shape but has an ugly leopard finish) for $199.

Go to the store and check 'em out, or go on their website first:
(lengthening message because its too short) hmm???
JSD's Guitar Shack said:
I got something nice for ya.....;)

and what's that?
072748023 said:
and what's that?
Check out his website dude... lots of nice guitars on there.

I want that RR Custom, too bad I just went and bought an Ibanez. Good thing is most (if not all) the guitars on his website are affordable.
I've never tried one, you know. Makes me think of an Albert King Vibe.
i too would like to eventually get a Vee.
the Reverend and Dillion look good.
Gibson also makes a faded vee, but i don't care for the full pickguard.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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