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UPS are purely evil. I just got what I thought was a good deal on a bixonic expandora on eBay. First of all, they held up the package at their office where it was dropped off because there wasn't a destination phone number - this would be fine, but they never bothered to tell the shipper that they were waiting on this info. I waited 10 days before asking the guy what the tracking info was and that's when he discovered this. Then UPS charged me $61 C.O.D. for taxes and brokerage on the $135CAN purchase. It's bad enough that they charged me PST, which they shouldn't have, but to charge me $40 for brokerage when there was no duty is just . . . lets just say it still hurts to sit down.

USPS has never ended up costing me more than $20 all-inclusive.
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