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UPS Sucks!! Insurance Prices!? HELP

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I sent a guitar on Saturday by UPS big mistake... I paid 75$ in insurance costs!!

To insure a 2500$ guitar. Does this seem rediculous to you guys? 3$ for every 100$, even though on the UPS Website it says .90 cents. But apparently each UPS store can charge what they want for insurance and the .90 cents is for corporate accounts.

Quote online = 51.09$
Store Price = 104.49$

Little bit of a difference huh!! Anyways, anyone else have this problem? If so anyone have any luck getting your money back...
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ups does suck

I bought a Fender Deville 212 earlyer this year. When it got here the cab wash cracked big time. Those cracks that work for UPS are nuts. My Fender Standard is coming via Fedex, I hope it has a nice ride all the way across the country.:DevilGuitar:
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