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hey all i have a peavey eletric and am thinking about upgrading the pickups,it has 3 single coils factory, I have allready decided to add a humbucker but should i upgrade the single coils as well to go with the humbucker, it is not a verry expensive guitar but it does play nice and i want to improve the sound.
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I'd say no, save up for a real nice guitar to your only live once :rockon:
For the $$$ you well spend on pickups you can probobly get a nice Ibanez, Yamaha or Godin guitar used (or new with a little savings). Also the biggest sound improvement you can get for any guitar is a better well spent.

I agree with the others.

I have a Peavey as well as a Fender and my Peavey came with a humbucker. The sound is just awesome for an inexpensive guitar.

However, for the price of pickups you could either buy a new Peavey with a humbucker or use the money to upgrade guitars. Personally, I would use the money to get a better guitar and amp. It's worth it in the long run.
hey thanks for the input i just may start looking around for another guitar i'm still putting a humbucker in my peavy though the threat of a divorce if i buy another guitar does have a lot to do with my dicision maybe i'll start looking at amps instead lol :DevilGuitar: :rockon:
YardApe...I have my stock HBs from my Ibanez SZ lying around here somewhere. I,d give you the bridge one for 30 bucks. Not as good as an after market but better than most stock PUs. Also if you are ever thinking of an amp let me know. I have a Roland Cube 60 (60 watt SS, with built in effects) I,m thinking of getting rid of. For a fellow K-Towner I,d give you a good price.
Anyway PM me if interested and I,ll get back to you ASAP.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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