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Univox LP copy/ lawsuit era?/ Opinions on rewire?

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Hello all! I recently picked up a Univox LP copy for $200, I'm assuming its a prelawsuit era judging by the headstock. I had a 73' Ibanez LP copy (was stolen recently) and I loved it for its amazing action and have since developed a liking towards vintage Japanese guitars. Its not too important but I was if anybody knew how to tell the year of the guitar? and how much it is worth.

I picked up some pickups and a roller bridge from but haven't decided on how to wire it yet. I have a higher gain P90 in the neck (11k?) and a "vintage voiced" high gain humbucker in the back (15k). I have 500k tone and volume pots for the HB and 330k pots for the P90. I have found this article / Three Must-Try Guitar Wiring Mods | Premier Guitar / I am interested in the "PTB tone control" and was wondering which values of capacitors I should use for my selected pickups and desired sound. Grunge would probably best describe my playing style, I use an equal amount of cleans and distortion with lots of midrange bite.
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i have one of those it...probably play it more than my gibson...
as for the wiring...can't help...but nice score!
To answer year and get an idea of value you'll really need to post pics...

The drawing you linked shows a .022uf cap for treble bleed and .015uf cap for the bass, which makes sense - the treble is a standard humbucker value and the lower value for the bass bleed seems right to me.

Using a P90 and bucker together I'd probably go with the standard cap for a P90 for the treble bleed, somewhere around .033uf - which means it'll take more treble off the humbucker than usual, so you should use a tone pot with a good sweep.

Best of luck.
I have .039uf and .022uf capacitors, ill try both and see what I prefer. I accidently bought a .015uf for the bass cut instead of a .0015uf and upon checking back here on the forum I noticed Jimmy D made the same mistake lol. By "good sweep" do you mean a tone pot with a higher value? 500k for bass cut and the 330k for the treble bleed? I also have an extra 500k tone pot that I could use for the treble bleed. I would be completely comfortable following the diagram but since I'm unfamiliar with P90's I am a bit hesitant, any advice would help.
By that I meant a pot where the effective range is between say 2 and 10 as opposed to between 7 and 10, (audio vs log) I think it's easier to find the right spot.
Funny about the pot values but you're right it should be .0015uf for the bass bleed.

I'd use what you bought as you can't really hurt anything or go wrong, try it and if you don't like it you can always change cap values.

.033 is pretty standard for P90, I've used them plenty.
Still waiting to get the .0015uf to finish the wiring but I'm feeling confident it'll turn out well. I re strung the guitar and tried to set the action as low as I could without it buzzing, the neck must be warped because I can't get the lower strings within a 1/4" of the fretboard...SAD!

I've been thinking about getting a replacement neck, ebay only seems to have cheap $50 Chinese necks or Gibson Bodies w/ necks for $700+. There was an epiphone neck for $150 but it didn't seem worth it. Could anybody recommend somewhere to get a decent neck? I can pay $100-$200 depending on quality. I'm kinda leaning towards saving up for a Gibson body + neck, I seen a les paul double cut away for around $600.

I'm not looking for an absolute answer but any advice or knowledge would help.
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