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Unit 67 pedal - add more tastiness to your sound

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Demo by an Edmonton guy........

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Nothing against Pete per se because I love his playing and his music and incredible ear for tone but I always find it frustrating when pedal reviewers don't set the volume to unity for their on/off comparisons. Without being there in the room and putting the guitar in your own hands it really makes a viewer have a difficult time determining how much of the difference that you hear is coming from the pedal itself and how much of that difference is simply due to the stronger signal which makes the amp behave differently. I find it frustrating because I don't watch pedal reviews to see the guy play. I watch them to hopefully learn if a pedal may possibly be of some benefit to me. Without volume at unity any sonic difference I hear on the computer is essentially meaningless.
You didn't hear a volume increase as soon as the pedal was engaged?
... he kinda gets paid to demonstarte the pedal and not the PT100 and Suhr guitar
In that case, he has not done his job. Nothing can be trusted about the tone comparison of that pedal because it wasn't done at unity. There's no way to be sure (without trying for yourself) how much was the pedal and how much was the amp. He's done a disservice to the pedal. Don't get me wrong, I like Pete a lot but this doesn't wash for me. He's not the first one to do it. Lots of reviewers are guilty of it and it's really too bad because it makes the review meaningless.
I've tried enough "placebo" effect units in my life already.
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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