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We all know how U.P.S. buggers us good when ever we use them to ship items to us from the U.S. , so we use U.S.P.S. right ? Well, this wk. I was told that U.S.P.S. will no longer ship guitars to Canada. :mad: :mad: :mad:
Whale oil beef hooked.
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Never heard that. Sounds like bullshit to me.................
See, I have read this before on other forums many times. I have also heard the USPS won't ship guitars because they are too big a ton of times. I have had 5 guitars mailed to me USPS though and never had any problems.

Most of the time it's sellers on eBay who say this because they don't want to ship USPS for whatever reasons.
I think that's wrong. Here's the full information for shipping to Canada.

I didn't see guitars or musical instruments on that list. Wherever you got that information isn't jiving with the website.
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