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After trying some 8s lately and I thought maybe I should try to do similar things in 7s since the neck would be a less chunky to a certain extent. So I was browsing the local music shop and I found this beauty- the LTD Stephen Carpenter Sig in Sparkle finish.

At first, I must say the finish was the first thing that catches my attention. I never owned a sparkle guitar, maybe I should :) But then the idea of extended range concept on a classic guitar (in this case it was a tele) was brilliant.

I tried to play some down tunes stuff on this beauty and I imagined it as a 6s dropped. It kinda work okay, and the neck feels a lot comfortable compared to the 8s. When it comes to clean, which I do most of the time in bossa nova, I can make use of the Low A and E to do most of my bass work. After all, this experience has been great.

Trying to Play a Seven String Guitar LTD Stephen Carpenter Sig SUPER FUN!!!!

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