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Over the past 10 years or more I have tried to record my acoustic guitars (Bourgeois, Larrivee, Martin) and regardless of the equipment I have at hand, I am always disappointed with the results. Each recording always sounds like I am playing an acoustic guitar equipped with an electric pickup. The wonderful acoustic sound has been lost. The recording equipment I have used over this period

1. Edirol by Roland
2. Rode NT1 Mic connected to Audio DUO USB pre amp
3. Apogee Mic 96k connected to iPad 4

I tried recording the same piece of music using each of the 3 options above and, while the latter 2 were slightly clearer, none came close to sounding like any of my acoustic guitars. Time to upgrade, I think.

My recordings are mostly for my own ears and possibly the odd YouTube upload. With a maximum of $900.00 budget, I am looking for some suggestions for equipment that give me the desirable results I am looking for.

BTW: I also play classical guitar and while the results are somewhat better (Rode NT1) it too could use some improvement.

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Welcome to the GC Forum. Please post/start new threads often.

I can't offer any suggestions. However, this has been a topic that has received a reasonable amount of attention here through time.


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