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Tru-Oil in Canada (a maybe psa)

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I think both on this board and a few others, I have read that it is not available after
present supplies in Canada run out.

I was in the Winnipeg Lee Valley store last week,
and picked a couple of bottles from the floor rack.
As I cashed out, I mentioned that I heard it is becoming rare in Canada.
She checked her stock and said she had more,
and that the file shows they will continue to get it.
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I haven't heard that at all. I always get mine from Lee Valley or Amazon
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All the time, and it's not always obvious where it is shipping from so you can dinged with duties and additional shipping. I would have assumed that amazon.CA would have be out of Canada. Stuff that is "fulfilled by Amazon" is out of Mississauga I believe, but other vendors can be anywhere.

You do not pay anything to the postman if you order through amazon, even if it is in the USA. The seller and amazon have already put that into the price. You pay tax through Amazon not at the door.

I bought my Fishman amp through Amazon, through a US retailer. There were customs on the order but the Seller reimbursed me for that because it was supposed to be in the price of the item.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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