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Trifly Build

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So I have an eye to building an 18 Watt Plexi but was a complete noob when it came to building an amp. I decided to start small and opted for a Trinity Trifly for my first build.

Truth be told, it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. That said, I was a complete noob and I DID make a couple of mistakes. So, credit is definitely due to Stephen Cohrs at Trinity Amps. I had heard Stephen was a good guy, very supportive, and it turns out that this is very true indeed (thanks Stephen!!!). It is VERY rare in this day and age for a company to have top-notch customer support.

Final note: I am not in any way associated with Trinity other than as a first-time consumer; just telling it like it is.

I have posted a video highlighting the various stages of the build and included in the video some guitar clips of the completed amp. I am no professional (guitar player, sound technician or videographer). Just sharing for other noobs who might be thinking of diving into this.

Cheers to all and may the wind be ever at your back.

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I just looked over the info on the Trinity site on the Trifly. Neat project for a beginner. The price seems a little steep, no? $290 USD. It would be $400 landed in Canada probably. There's not a lot there for $400. I guess its like anything else today. Everything keeps going up. Pretty easy for a family to spend $400 on 2 weeks worth of groceries.
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