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I bought an old (72ish) traynor ygm-3, and after a good amount of time troubleshooting suspect components, I found the culprit in a loose wire. Re-soldered that, and the amp is now bordering on fully functional.

My problem is this: the tremolo only works on really high settings- ie. level has to be past 2 oclock, and the speed has to be above noon. At that point, it is still subtle. Cranked further it becomes quite apparent, but by that point it sounds like a ring mod.

Is it maybe a tube problem? I am going to grab a new 12ax7 and try that.

Maybe bad pots?

any suggestions are welcome.

2ndly: the reverb adds a fair bit of hum. I'm thinking of putting it in a head box anyway, so would it help to shorten the reverb send/ return cables?

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