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Overbought on spares over the years; making room in the parts drawer.

NIB JJ 5Y3 - $20

NOS 6AV6 (your choice: Sylvania or RCA - need to keep one) - $12

***SOLD*** NOS JAN Philips 12AT7 - $14

***SOLD*** NOS JAN Philips 5963 (12Au7 alt) - $12

The above all purchased from TheTubeStore and never used.

***SOLD*** NIB JJ 12Au7 (ECC83) - $12 (purchased from Eurotubes ages ago and never used)

pair Teslovak mil spec (thicker glass) KT88 (6550). Lightly used (NOS when I got them) but still strong. Actually matched pair + spare - the quad I had in my Sunn had 1 tube go, so you get 1 free tube as a spare (was a matched quad so just drop it in if one dies). Even with that 1 tube out the Amp still sounded great. Teslovak is the company that folded and had all their machinery bought by the people who started JJ. Perfect for a 3-digit Sunn or 6550 based 50 watt Marshall or Hiwatt. HUGE low end. Original boxes gone (will find something appropriate). $65

***SOLD*** pair NOS Sylvania 6L6GCs -"made in URSS" [sic] so not particularly desirable. Tested 95-100% (see pics like 3 posts down) - $40

***SOLD*** pair NOS Westinghouse6L6GCs - made in England, bottom getter. Tested 95-100% (see pics like 3 posts down). Only price reference I can find for this exact version of tube is this site , but US$69.95 (C$93 at the moment) seems steep- asking $100 for the pair

Local GTA sales preferred but willing to ship at buyer's expense.
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