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Here's one for you repair folks. Picked up a new higher-end solid body guitar from a very well known Canadian maker (I don't wish to identify as I really like their product) at my local brick and mortar store. It played reasonably ok in-store for a factory setup, action was way low with some buzz for my playing style, but after over 40 yrs playing, I do most of my own setup/maintenance/repairs on my guitars so not really an issue IMHO. Got it home, did a quick relief check before dealing with saddles and nut. Neck is near-flat, actually a little backbow, so got out the Allen wrench to dial in .008 - .010 relief with 10-46 strings.

Uh-oh -- the truss rod nut is totally slack/loose for CCW movement -- no resistance CW unless you give it over 1/8 turn... I never experienced this before, thus not aware of any easy fix, so reaching out here... I could put on a heavier gauge to see if that introduces some relief, but was planning on keeping 10-46s on this one, so that's not a viable option.

I can think of the following scenarios:
1) S/N indicates this was made 2014, so did this sit around warehouses etc. with string tension relaxed while truss rod was left adjusted for strings tuned to pitch, and neck is now settled in that new position. If so, it might come back with proper tension (?) but that may be weeks/months to happen, well beyond my exchange/return period...
2) assuming there's a washer behind the nut, maybe that got jammed into the neck wood, but I'm not about to do minor exploratory surgery if it is going to be returned...
3) the dual-action truss rod is defective, neck needs factory warranty attention, and best to return rather than wait for a warranty repair.

I'll likely take the guitar into the store later this week when I have time but there's no on-site tech to assess the above... I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who has experienced similar truss rod issues and how they resolved it.
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