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i see yesterday's article, read it...chuckled..and, while I haven't been to TGP lately, I bet people are pissy...

You think the adjustment screws weren't especially useful?

Umm, not really necessary, because this pickup was very sensitive and you could pull it up close to the strings, so long as when you picked on 'em they didn't buzz against the cover
What was the difference between plating and painting?

Gold is a very good conductor, and it doesn't take a very heavy coat to damp out the high-frequency response, and that's why I didn't want 'em to use gold. But they did. Then, all at once, the guys started taking the covers off the pickups, you know? I have an idea that somewhere along the line someone had a gold or a brass cover on his, and when he took it off he noticed that difference in sound. So he left it off.

And everyone else started taking them off.

Oh yes [laughs].

So, in theory, there isn't much difference in sound between one with a nickel silver cover on and a cover off?

No, the only difference is that a cover helps to prevent pick-up from fluorescent and neon lamps. That was my reason for using a cover.
I've never experimented with pole height...or taking off pickup covers...maybe Seth was just losing it in his old age (based on his comments in the previous article that he stated Gibson did ALL the work building the Les Paul, while LP had little/no input on it)

full article here...

Interview: Seth Lover on Inventing the PAF Humbucker and Why He Left Gibson for Fender | Bacon's Archive
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