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Picked up this TK Royalist from a forum member. I've owned a couple TK's and a big fan of Mark Bartel's work but never owned a Marshall flavored TK.

Literally just after plugging in and no EQ'ing, the amp sounds phenomenal. From pushed clean to mighty crunch tones, it sounds superb. It reminds me of a Marshall 2061x but with more features and not as loud when cranked up. The FX loop works great and when running my pedalboard through the front of the amp, the amp takes pedals really well.

I bought the Tone Tools cab in around 2005 and owned it for many years. It did the rounds with a few members and now back with its original owner...this is the same cab I used with the 2061x way back and it was a perfect fit. Same here with the Royalist. The speaker is a Guytron Big Tone which I bought when I saw Guy (the owner of Guytron) demoing one his amps with this speaker.

This is a great head + cab combination.

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