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Toad...part 2

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Just getting used to new photo host.
Pic working ?

Smallest toad I've ever seen,it was in my garage,I thought it was a small cricket.

Those two wood chips to it's right are just an inch long.
Saw another the same size about half an hour ago in a different garden.
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Wow that is very cool. I always had a love for creatures of the amphibian kind. I used to have frogs and toads as pets growing up.

I have to reveal that I had to enlarge he pic to find it. Camouflage at it's best! I love the markings.

Just soooooo damned tiny.
I couldn't believe how small it was , could have probably fit three in a beer bottle cap.
I thought this was a Ginger Baker thread...

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I thought this was a Ginger Baker thread...

It is now !

love that miserable bastard
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Or perhaps these guys?

Toads are not amphibious. They die en water over a prolonged period of time. Most frogs are amphibious.
I have hundreds of tiny toads that come out of my pond every year. Their everywhere. I cut about an acre of grass and they are all over that acre. They jump in my pool and drown and the birds pick up a great many of them on the lawn. They are fully developed and about 1/2" long. A few make it but most don't.
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