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Just bought one of those, a strat type with an amp for $125.00 at Excess Cargo for a young friend of mine as a starter quitar (as a gift). Had them open the box first to check it out. The neck seemed ok, the frets looked ok, I thought it was ok for a very bottom end priced quitar , finish was ok, needed new strings, and if it is the strat type body don't use the trem bar (will throw out the tuning possibly). sound was not bad for the $. compared to a squire package deal I looked at , the quitar was a better deal.IMHO not a bad starter quitar.
If you are short on $ and/or just starting might be just the one. Later, you can hang it on the wall as part of your "collection' and upgrade.
you will probably get lots of advice, but did you check out Mr. Hamms guitars?
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