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Compressor - Boss LMB-3 It is an outstanding Value, offers uncolored compression with variable settings and an exciter (which i would turn off completely)

Noise Gate - apperantly the MXR smart gate is just about the best one around for a pedal format and a good price.

Wah - ?

Chorus - EBS makes a great chorus for bass as well as carl martin.

Ring Modulator - ?

Pitch Shifter - Digitech bass whammy is cool

Synth - teh electro-harmonix bass micro synth is for sure the best widely available synth, but the akai deep impact is REALLY good if you can find one.

EQ - mxr 10 band eq (jeff ament uses them?)

Power conditioner - to power your pedals or a true power conditioner? to power pedals the best value is the Power-all by godlyke

Line Selector - True bypass boxes are great and inexpensive or the carl martin combinator 2 is absolutly awesome.

cheers Ted
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