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O.k... so here's a question from WAY out in left field....

I'm trying to find a source for the CLIPS that come with Tie-clip microphones... You 'd think it'd be easy, but nooooo... Nexxtech wants, get this, 18 BUCKS for the clip alone! (They also want 15 bucks for the foam wind-screen on it's own!! get that! HA!)
So I donno.... I've tried 'aligator clips' as you'd find in electronics work or in your finest Head-Shop, and they work for what I want, sort of....
But I'd sure love to lay hands on the tie-clip clips....

Know of any good 'bulk-parts stores'? Any other suggestions?


(Oh ya... this is in an effort to build a better guitar-pick holder)

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Just a thought.

what about the paper clips, black, with the 2 rings that fold back to squeeze open, fold forward flat past the "throat"? Any office supply storewill have them.

did find a site for electronics that had mike clips but I never paid attention to the prices, was looking for XLR jacks. (i have not dealt with them)

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That's called a Bulldog Clip (or sometimes a Binder Clip) and ya.. I've tried them, and they don't work very well.

I found a source for make-your-own tie clips... so I'm likely gonna go with those...
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