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Three Pot Wiring Configs

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I've allways been a little confused as to why a stock start is wired the way that they are, with one volume, and two tones with neither effecting the bridge pickup. It is not the wiring itself that I find confusing, rather the logic behind it.

With the neck pickup being in the 'brightest' position and tone controls that roll off the top end when attenuated only being applied to the other two pickups never made any sense to me, so I have always ended up re-wiring three pot guitars to a configuration that made more sense to me.

I now have a raft of guitars with this configuration:

(Three pots and a five way selector switch)

I'm thinking that any of the following would make the more sense:

1 master volume, 1 sc volume and one master tone

1 master volume, 1 sc tone and one master tone

1 master volume, 1 highpass , 1 low pass

1 master volume, 1 tone and one high pass for the neck position

And of course there are others. Barring using switching pots, does anyone have an opinion on what would be the most usefull pot configuration?
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Most standard strat wiring is the tone on the neck and the middle pups, wiring it so the tone is is on the bridge and middle is a common mod done by a lot. Personally I like one vol, one tone and the other could be a rotary coil tap switch.
Well, who really knows what was going through Leo Fender's (or whoever's) mind when he was designing guitar electronics.

An aside: The Semour Duncan website has tons of good wiring schematics, free.

Peace, Mooh.
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