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Three Days Grace fan from Keswick

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Droppin' in to give the obligatory "hello" Probably going to end up spending quite a bit of time here.

As my screen name states, I have a strong magnetism towards Ibanez SZ guitars. There is a long story behind my devotion to this model line but I'll save that for another time. Barry Stock from Three Days Grace had lots of influence on this decision. This guitar is also the instrument that lets me get the music out which I have inside of me.

Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine is why I originally picked up a guitar. Outside of the sounds which Tom manages to extract from a guitar, most of RATM's music is not terribly complicated and sounds killer. Look at Bulls On Parade for instance: VERY simple hook/riff right off the hop and the signature "wah wah chicka wha wha" that everyone knows. This is a trend throughout much of Rage's more popular songs. After sufferring with a piece of sh*t guitar for a while, I simply quit playing. I'd pick up my acoustic every so often but the "drive" wasn't there anymore. This is where Barry Stock comes in.

After going to my first Three Days Grace concert, I was pretty much sold on the SZ. The way it sounded was the first draw, second, well... have you ever seen Barry play a guitar? This thing is a friggin' tank! I ended up lucking into one at my local music store and have never looked back. I've even acquired a 2nd SZ. They are both 520's. The first one I picked up is a 2005 model with Lapis Blue Burst finish. The second is a 2007 in Vintage Cherry Burst. The '05 is stock and the '07 I have installed the Zakk Wylde 81/85 kit. Both beautiful guitars. I could go on and on about these things... I've tried Teles/Strats and they just don't feel right to me. Les Paul are gorgeous guitars and I love how they sound and play but the bridge feels strange to me. Resting my hand there and doing palm muting does flow like the Gibraltar 3 bridge found on the SZ's. JUST MY PERSONAL PREFERENCE... Have a Yamaha FG acoustic. It does what it does LOL. I'd like to get a nicer acoustic someday but this one does just fine for what I currently use it for.

I know a couple songs from here and there. Also a few different genres, from country to nu-metal. I'm really working hard on the Three Days Grace but my biggest problem is wanting to get EVERY song nailed down at the same time. I need to pick ONE and learn it in it's entirety. I love them all so it's very difficult to do this. I'd like to get into a band so there would be a sense of direction and dedication. Not to be professional but to maybe do the odd gig and mainly to jam with others.

I'd like to give a thanks to Connor's Music in Keswick for getting my interest in playing back. Especially John.

Look forward to posting and reading on here.



P.S. How do I add a sig?
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