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Hi everyone,

As I already mentioned in another thread, I am about to get back into playing electric guitar. Does anyone have any thoughts on the second-wave of Yamaha THR modelling amps? I had a look with the search but only found people discussing the originals. I am after something that will fit inobtrusively in the living room. I like about the Yamaha that it can also be our "hi fi".

I am struggling to decide whether the wireless is worthwhile though. Has anybody tried it? With all we worry about "tone" I doubt whether star-trek-teleporting my guitar signal to the amp will have no adverse consequences. I read something recently about a recall on the Line6 transmitters you MUST use to make use of that wireless feature (being locked-in to a particular accessory to use a feature means, I guess, that it will inevitably become impossible to make use of). It also seems a bit cheeky to charge extra for a wireless version of an amp, and then charge even more for the wireless transmitter (sold separately) too.

If I don't like the sound of the Yamaha (or if I want more features) I am planning to use it just as a "flat" speaker and then stick a multi-fx with amp modelling in front of it. Obviously that negates the use of the wireless feature as well.

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I own a THR5 and 5A. I got them cheap and basically use them as computer speakers. Although I've not used the new version, I was on the same quest as you a while back. I don't think I'd go with the higher end THR only because I think they are priced too high, as you stated you're stuck with one wireless solution, and the modelling is what it is - if you don't like it you have to change the amp.

I think an interesting alternative is to roll your own solution:

1. Roland AC40 Acoustic amp - stereo, full range, with a stereo input for a phone, drum machine, or other device. They are small and attractive, and I think there's a cherry color available. Also gives you the option of a microphone or second instrument input.
2. Pick a modeler - I used a Boss GT-1 and it sounded great with the Roland. Essentially its like having a Boss Katana, but you get a unit you can place on the floor. This also gives you the USB recording interface, you get a expression/ wah pedal, floor based switching and a tuner.
3. Get a Logitech Bluetooth receiver and weld it into the stereo input jack (Logitech Bluetooth Audio Receiver for Wireless Streaming). You can stream your backing tracks from your phone, and use it for home entertainment purposes - spotify, etc.
4. If necessary, get the wireless guitar system of your choice.

With this solution, you've got an amp that will probably last 20 years and do what it does well, and as the technology changes or your interests wander you can change out the other bits.
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