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This news release was sent in to the main site.

No Island Media presents James Brown,Kelly Butler,Ben Fargen,Ren Ferguson,McGregor Gaines,Robert Godin,Matt McPherson,Ralph Novak,Hartley Peavey,Paul Reed Smith,Stuart Spector,Bob Taylor,and Trev Wilkinson in landmark series "The Search for the Perfect Guitar Tone"

"With the participation of these visionaries, The Search for the Perfect Guitar Tone series, produced by a small independent production company, has blossomed into a truly historic media event," says Dina Walker, Executive Producer of No Island Media. "This is the first time the visionaries, entrepreneurs and engineers who propel the multi-billion dollar guitar industry are joining together to share their stories in a single series, and we are very honoured to be able to present a platform for them to do so."

The Search for the Perfect Guitar Tone is being produced in close cooperation with fourteen of the leading guitar and guitar amplification visionaries in the world. Each episode focuses on a visionary's quest for guitar perfection- be it through acoustic, electric or amplification design.

"The combination of personal stories and how they influence the individual dreams and pop culture of the world is a profound one, " says Trevor Andrews, Executive Director of The Search for the Perfect Guitar Tone. "These stories contain everything that is important about life- music, business, passion, craft, fortitude, tradition, innovation. Simply put: This is an essential series for anyone who has ever owned or listened to a guitar."

"The Search for the Perfect Guitar Tone" can be ordered from the No Island Media website:

Volume One of The Search for the Perfect Guitar Tone:
Kelly Butler (First Act)
Robert Godin
Hartley Peavey
Paul Reed Smith (Preview: ) Bob Taylor Trev Wilkinson (Italia Guitars)
Plus: A conversation with tube amplification engineer James Brown (Kustom)

Volume Two of The Search for the Perfect Guitar Tone:
Ren Ferguson (Gibson Custom Shop)
McGregor Gaines (National Reso-Phonic)
Matt McPherson
Ralph Novak
Stuart Spector
Plus: A conversation with tube amplification engineer Ben Fargen

About No Island Media
No Island Media is a cooperative venture of independent media professionals committed to the production and distribution of "deep-think" journalism and long-form conversations with some of the world's leading thinkers and creative visionaries. "The Search for the Perfect Guitar Tone" represents a personal, historic record of the handful of dedicated, talented individuals that are behind the multi-billion dollar guitar industry- granting an unprecedented look at the who, what, why and how of an industry that defines the sound and dreams of the world.

No Island Website:
Tel: 941.866.0265
Tel: 416.979.9989 x107
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