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The other Ottawa guitar show

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This is the one that Darwin organizes where vendors try and sell stuff on-site. Always fun. Pity I'll be on the other side of the Atlantic and have to miss it.

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Hey my fellow Ottawans (and other people as well :) ) !
Show is tomorrow, if you want to talk about gear, custom work on amps and cabs, please do not be shy to approach me at my table.
Everybody is welcome ! Cheers, Damir
Unfortunatly not able to attend. Playing a gig at Vanier legion.
Have a great day Damir.
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If somebo
Hi guys, I was there, it was fun as usual ! I was sorry for not to see you Andrei, and Mark as well !
This is what you missed Andrei :
Wow!!! Really nice selection Damir. Can you give us a some general info on the amps in the picture.
1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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