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This is the amp that I started building a couple of weeks ago ,the first night i had populated the board with the components.
Electronic component Electrical network Electronics Wire Circuit component

Then last week i found some time to get the board and some of the chassis build ,I soldered all the components that I could and followed the diagram diligently.
Electrical wiring Technology Electronic device Machine Gas
(can anyone see my wiring mistake in this one?) Electronics Audio equipment Technology Electronic device Games
Auto part Audio equipment Shelf
Electrical wiring Electronics Cable management Electrical network Electronic component

Continued (after fixing it) last night until completion .
Electrical wiring Electronics Cable management Technology Electrical supply

And then the start up,(tense moments building up to--then wah wah waaaah) not a winning victory for my first time building one of these. Im having some noise issues that I will open in another thread. But all and all I have been totally enjoying the experience of creating my first hand wired amp. My plan is to get in the shop next week, build the cabinet and get it all put together.
Thanks for all the help on this site, it has given me the confidence to make it through my first one.

After a little research on this site I found the issue with the high pitched squeal , I switched the OT leads and Bingo we have a winner. The amp sounds great, really nice tone and just enough crunch. I am looking forward to the next one and will have to make it a bit more challenging.
Maybe a Bassman or something with reverb, we'll have to see.

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Hey Guys. New to the forum. The story is that the customer brought it to me to find an intermittent audio fading issue. He had brought it to another shop where he lived locally and the tech told him not to use the standby switch as the "standby circuit" was causing the issue. The issue was a quick find and was just a solder joint on one of the preamp tube filament wires. Long story short he got me to rip out the PCB and hand wire the amp. So here it is. All of the caps are NOS and test no leakage on my Sencore LC103.


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Here's an amp that is extra special to me. It was the very first Caldera I designed and built a few years ago. I recently pulled out all the original prototype circuitry and replaced it with my latest circuit (on a newly designed PCB). This one is 50 watts, has a low-/high-gain mode switch, a 3-position bright/boost switch, Cali Clipper, Fat, Punch, rear-panel bias jacks and pots, and room for an effects loop. It's a little messy inside the chassis due to the retrofit, but it sounds KILLER.


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You PM’d me his contact the next day and he made me this kick ass head shell :)

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Awesome, well better to be responsive and forgetful than have a good memory and ignore requests from your peers I guess.

Having just played my Tweed deluxe clone last night I'm now considering another kit.

I may do an 18 watt Marshall or maybe a Dumble clone.

That Matchless you built looks amazing.
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