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The miracle that we call graphite

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My acoustic gave me trouble tunning. The G, B and high e strings always make a chinking sound when tunning. I would tune very close to the note, *****, and the note would be sharp. Tunning was a hassle. I thought I would have to take my guitar to a guitar shop to have the nut slots widened. I was going to buy a bit of Big Bends Nut Sauce but I wanted to try a little graphite in the nut slots first. I scraped the led of a pencil with a knife. I loosened each string, filled the slot with the graphite powder and tuned the string. This solved my tunning problem. I have no more chinking on any string (even the g string) when tuning. I also feel that the tuning knob is a bit easier to turn. The knob is not so stiff when tunning. From now on at every string change I am doing this. Before you go and buy a tube of Big Bends Nut Sauce try a bit of graphite (pencil led) in each nut slot.
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