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The Guitar Shop - what is their PRS inventory like?

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I am in the market for acquiring a PRS guitar. Most of the local shops around me have a very small stock of PRSi (plural for more than one PRS), and because I prefer a stoptail over trem, that makes the selection even more limited. Even the 12th fret only has 3 PRS guitars in stock!

From what I had seen of the few images on The Guitar Shop, I would like to ask those who have been to the store what they remember from their visit with the amount of PRS guitars that are available there? Is it worth checking out or should I save the trip from Markham to Mississauga? Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
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Oh! I was under the impression that LA Music was just an online dealer. If they have instruments to demo though, I would willing to check them out too.
danbo said:
Paul can get any model u want. Decent price & warrantied!:rockon:
Hi Danbo, I'm just curious who you are referring to. Is there a Paul that works at The Guitar Shop?
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