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The Garnet Reference Thread

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This is a resource thread for Garnet Amp dating (not including part codes; by feature and model production dates) and model number nomenclature (because, as with all things Garnet, this is far from simple or even consistent).

For utility and clarity, the latest version of each resource will always be posted here in the first post - I expect there will be updates. Scope may also be expanded (e.g. so far this is just abut Garnet amps - nothing to do with the speaker cabs, about which information is actually more hard to come by, at the very least I would like to add links to any and all product literature/adverts that we can find - send them to me; I can host them; PM for email). Please feel free to reply below with comments, additions and corrections (I do not claim that this is complete or perfectly accurate, but it was all I could gather from the known and reliable references I have available to me - mostly and the Garnet book, but also a few other blogs and websites of superfans I have found over the years, as well as previous discussions here on guitarscanada with afficandos and collectors).


All Models (no stencils - sorry there's just so dang many - maybe eventually but for now proper Garnets only):

Model Number Codes:

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Thanks for the graphs !!!

I went to your blog to access them.

Will go over them in details to see if more info can be added... more heads are better than one!

Kuddos on the work and effort !!!;)
either transformer (not always possible to find a part number for the OT on a given model's schem, to compare to another known
Transformers are always the same, Im using the transformers just as much as the model number to determine power specs... Not that many different models actually...
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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