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a snippet from the National Post

Up Against It, commissioned at the band’s height, was to feature the Fab Four assassinating
a female PM, sparking a brutal civil war and engaging in group sex

Reportedly, though, the Beatles didn’t reject Up Against It because it was too outlandish.
Instead, they passed because it was all “a bit gay.”

“It wasn’t that we were anti-gay, just that we, the Beatles, weren’t gay,”
McCartney explained later.

There is no overt homosexuality in the script, but it is unquestionably queer. There’s ample
cross-dressing, swapped gender roles and the male characters keep showering together.

“We can’t take a shower with you, you’re a woman,” John Lennon’s character says at one point.

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Weird--probably just as well that it wasn't made.]
Would make Magical Mystery Tour look like an epic...

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Geez, for awhile you couldn't turn on a Brit comedy without seeing a man in drag.
Even their billionaires cross dress for laughs.

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