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My beloved CS-9 chorus pedal has been acting up lately. Not engaging, cutting out. Bad stuff. I love that little pedal. So I sent it off to Greg and Solid Gold SoundLabs for some surgery of the restorative kind. Greg not only fixed the intermittent cut out problem for me but he updated the pedal with a 3PDT switch (I've never liked the Ibanez metal plate switches) and did a true bypass mod to the pedal. Now it's back on my board and it's good for another 25 years of sonic service.

My hat is off to Greg for doing such a great job with the work. The quarters were cramped inside the pedal but he was able to make the 3PDT switch happen and retain the stereo output functionality. I'm looking forward to trying out one of Greg's 427 compressors in the near future.

If you've got a old friend on your pedal board that's limping along talk to Greg. He can make it all better.
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