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You're welcome my friend.
You're lucky that you picked it up when you did.
I was tempted to keep it and not allow you into my house. lol.
And thank you for the JD. Paid in full. lol.

What a find. And sounds so sweet.
I couldn't believe how nice this sounds and plays.
Where do you find these treasures?

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Just in case anyone was curious as to what I recorded with. Iphone 6 plus onboard mic through garageband. new light strings. V-Pick Venom shoulder.
I wanted to hear what a "ghost rim" pick would sound like. V-picks is the only pick manufacturer who specializes in the whisper pick I call it. It's an unbuffed raspy edge pick that has a tone of its own. Many v pick models come in a ghost rim version. This one's the 1980 pick.

Same here. I only see the green 'v' and the 1980 clear.
I can't get soundcloud here either. I went to your main page to check out the clips.
Sounds nice. Sounded better in my living room.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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