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Hey Guys,

I am looking to upgrade my amp this summer because I'm getting pretty bored of the digital modelling sound I have right now. I've been doing tonnes of research and pretty much have my heart set on an AC30. I've read about every review that there is out there, but I'd like the details from someone who has lived with it or demoed it and not some product tester at a magazine. What stomboxes sound good with it? How do the different settings on the amp compare to one another? (wattage selector, vintage vs. modern etc.) So educate me, please!

However, the dilema is I'll be living in an apartment for the next two years and I'm kind of worried about being able to play without getting noise complaints. Would an AC15 be that much quieter and how does this amp stack up?

Any help would be awesome! Thanks guys!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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